ABBASI David  (Siyavash AWESTA) writer & historian, President of the laic Euro-Persian institute ABBASI, writer (70 Books), historian, President of the laic Euro-Persian institute, gold plaquette " French Humanitarian Grand Prix ", gold medal " French devotion " and " art, sciences.letters " to mister Abbasi. The programs of mister Abbasi on 95.2 FM and : every Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm and every month’s last Saturday from 11pm to 6am and his television programs in the whole world on Telestar 12 and 5. 

I am a follower of AWESTA! Zaratustra...

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Women and wars in politic Islam !

Perse 7000 de  Civilisation

Farah Pahlavi
It is since some years that the Islamic Republic made up a figure who took the name of “Hassan Abbasi” (his real name is Yadollah Ghazvini).
Be careful, if you make any research on the internet with the name of Hassan Abbasi, do not fall in the trap!


Mrs Condoleezza Rice, encircled by journalist, announced that Iran was not Hitler's Germany. Iran and its great millennium civilization of which the people marked the history, is nowadays arrested in some people's hands. For that, America was suppose to help the strong Iranian oppositions.

Even today, there are many millions of Iranian, American citizen, who give us a lot of wealh...

In the 90's in Stanford, during a conference about Iranian history, we learnt thing about Islam, politics that revolutionized our thought. This person named AWESTA (David ABBASI) is one of the numerous Persian who gave light to the history...

Many Iranian who love their country and who don't agree with their leaders are disperse in the World, in Europe or somewhere else and of course, in Iran.......................................

The newcaster of the United States radio, who named his said, add that M David ABBASI ou Siyavash Awesta is a writer, historian with Iranian origin and he is in Paris since 30 years. 

Here are the said that the president ARIA held in 1995 at the time he had gave the Silver medal to M. ABBASI.
And in 2003, M. ABBASI received the Gold medal.

The video of this ceremony is available on:

Vacation of President Sarkozy, David Abbasi, and president  Georges W. Bush

Islam de France par david ABBASI à l'attention de Monsieur le Président Sarkozy

Were the vacations of the president Nicolas Sarkosy fertile  for France !? However, there are protest of his adversary on the subject of his bills !!? Those criticisme are du to the jealousy because they didn’t obtain the power !!     The most important success of the president Sarkosy  was the explanation he gave to the president Bush on the reality of the nature of the revolutionary army of the Islamic Republic of Iran (PASDARAN) !!   This was recalled at several time by Siyavash AWESTA (David ABBASI) in different articles since Ahmadinejad took the power in 2005.  Imagine that the president Sarkozy had put the article « Jerusalem’s Army » (the exportation of the islamic revolution army with the Jerusalem’s Army ! written by David ABBASI and translated in many languages in 2005)), on the table while he was practicing with the president Bush ! In telling them how happens that in France we knew everything about the PASDARAN and the army of GODS (Jerusalem)!! Bu you, America, big worldwide potency !! How don’t your information services didn’t get it since two years !! …Then the American president George W. Bush attacked the  PASDARAN hard enough and used almost all the arguments advanced by David ABBASI in many of his articles ! …

(William RNOJA USA)    (


David ABBASI Siyavash Awesta granted the French Award for “Art, Science and Literature”, The September 16th , 2004, the diploma and the medal "Arts.Sciences.Letters " were awarded to M. ABBASI in the presence of some Franco-Perses personality at the Senate.


Islam Was Never Accepted by the Iranians (Arian) There Were Numerous Persons of distinction After Islam Who Were Following AVESTA

In the name of the Master of intelligence
Persia, from thousands of years ago until today

A part of the said of the vice-president from the Great Humanity Price of France during the decoration of the Gold Plate of the Great Humanity Price of France to M. David ABBASI at the National Circle of the Earth, Navy and Air army.
You are the Iranian, nobility, your father was the CHEIKH ABBAS, historian and islamologist. You are historian and writer, one don't go without the other. In 1989, you are the founder of the first Internet self-service are the author of more than 65 books about history, art and music which some of them are in French. You have written scenarios for the cinema..., you are presenter on television and had always stuck to the actuality...

AWESTA and the three great monks

live together according to the Arian style

Plaquette d’Or « Grand Prix Humanitaire de France »

Médaille d’Or « Mérite et Dévouement Français » 



David ABBASI, With the French Prime Minister, Jean Pierre Raffarin...


Women and wars in politic Islam !

By: David ABBASI

Islam is being unknown to this day not only for the non-muslims, but for the majority of muslims. Especially in a new millenium where political Islam tries to conquer the world as it did in the past. Those words of Mr Abbasi (islamologist), teaches us many untold topics on political Islam. Senator Henri Caillavet, one of the masters of laic thinking, of our time, in the begininng of his book says : " this book inovates us on Islam after 14 siecle of existence.David Abbasi talks about the lasting of

invidual Islam and political Islam and in the book " Women and wars in political Islam ", the writer focuses deeply into political Islam which intend restless, by using integrism, to get the power by force. " Women and wars in political Islam " is a book which tells about the histoy of Islam with precise quotes of the Qur'an. 

 راديو آوای ايران نخستين راديو پارسی مستقل در جهان   تلويزيون مهر ۲۴ ساعته از طريق اينترنت و ماهواره    سالنامه پر افتخار هفت هزار ساله  وبلاگ سياوش اوستا

مرکز فرهنگی در قلب شانزه ليزه پاريس آريا هفت هزار نخستين پايگاه خبری وبانک اينترنتی پارسی تاسيس 1995 ريا هفت هزار دستيابی به بيش از ۷۰۰۰ سايت ايرانی